Bespoke Glass Making

At Dick Hartley you can commission your own glassware - it is easy and not as expensive as you may think!  

With a minimum run of 600 pieces and starting prices as low as £5 ex VAT per unit, you can design glasses with long stems, short stems or no stems, with or without an engraved personalised logo - the choice is yours and if you don't need them all at once we will store and distribute them as required.

We work with some of the best glass blowers in the world, whose skills, developed from years of training, have been handed down from generation to generation.

With such expertise behind you, standing out from the crowd and reinforcing your brand has never been easier.

The process - with a time scale of between 8-12 weeks.

  1. Send us a sketch or a detailed drawing of your glass or a sample if you have one (we can emulate discontinued lines)

  2. We will come back to you with a diagram of the proposed piece.

  3. Amendments made as necessary and new drawings done.

  4. Quotation made.

  5. If happy the client orders physical samples.

  6. Samples approved and signed off.

  7. Production scheduled.

  8. Delivery and distribution as required.

Bespoke glass making