Compact Combi stick blender

CMP 250 combi _whisk DH.jpg
CMP 250 combi _whisk DH.jpg

Compact Combi stick blender

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This small powerful hand held mixer and whisk combination works on 310 watts (CMP250) and 350 watts (CMP 300).  Features include:

  • an easy grip handle
  • variable speed button positioned at the top for greater visibility.
  • 2300 - 9600 rpm in mixer function
  • 500 to 1800 rpm in whisk function
  • robust gears containing 2 separate metal casings
  • over-moulded blades specially sharpened to guarantee optimum cutting quality
  • easy assembly and dismantling with fast coupling of the whisks on the gear box and the gear box on the motor base.
  • self regulating speed.

Available in two sizes:

  • CMP250
  • CMP350

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